I know summer is almost over, but here are my favourite editorial pictures from this past season.



Numero China August Cover

Vogue Germany August Cover

Vogue Paris August Cover


Harper's Bazaar Indonesia

Russh 39

Vogue Australia April 2011


Russh July 2011

Pani May 2011


Playing Fashion March 2011


Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2011

Vogue Paris May 2011

Vogue Nippon June 2011

Elle Italia May 2011


D La Repubblica April 2011

Elle US August 2011

Vogue China May 2011


Harper's Bazaar Turkey July 2011

View of the Times

Vogue Australia April 2011


Flair March 2011

Elle Italia April 2011

Yen 48


Vogue Spain April 2011

Harper's Bazaar Russia May 2011

Harper's Bazaar Spain June 2011

Vogue China May 2011

Peeking Through

Avant Garde June 2011

Camille Rowe Portrait

Numero China June 2011


French Revue de Modes SS 2011

Marie Claire US May 2011

Numero Tokyo June 2011

Vogue Paris May 2011

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It’s very weird when you are going through your daily blogroll, checking new fashion news and trying to get inspired by street style when, all of a sudden, you see yourself. Now, obviously I knew they took that picture of me but getting on the site is another ball game. Then you see there are comments. I didn’t read them.  Featured on the blog ‘Street Style Aesthetic.’ My picture was taken outside of the Armani show in Milan. Check out his site.

I thought my friends would begin questioning my sanity when I showed up last summer wearing my latest purchase: a pair of vintage mid-waist bright green shorts with thin multi-coloured vertical lines. I sensed I would be taunted well past my fiftieth birthday, and on my wedding day they would find a terrible picture of me wearing those shorts and focus the entire slideshow around them. Yes, I was that insecure about my new purchase.

I’m not going to lie; I did go to the store on three different occasions to make sure I liked them. My final visit comprised of my then-boyfriend telling me 500 times that “no they don’t make your butt look like a mom-bum” and the sales staff, becoming irritated with my indecisiveness, announced that if I did not buy them I was not allowed to come back. How rude of them, right? Wrong, the shorts were $25. I was the idiot.

So I bought them and began preparing myself for my friends’ bizarre facial expressions and crude remarks. Something along the lines of “I’m pretty sure I wore those tacky shorts while trying to impress my imaginary friends when I was five.” Yes, if we don’t like something about each other we say it. When we feel topics will be taken less personally, our comments come out faster, snarkier, and even boarder line offensive.

So with a pair of 80s bright green $25 denim shorts, I thought I was in for it. Naturally, I prepared myself with tasteless and uneducated remarks to counteract their rude comments.  I even contemplated suggesting we all go out, so I could get abnormally wasted and do something really dumb. You know, so it would over-ride the ridiculousness of my new bright green shorts.  As you may have noticed, I handle personal fashion bashing very well.

So I was quite amazed that even though I got those same-old facial expression “was she high when she bought this?” I did not get any other remarks, except all the power to you. I was stunned, stocked, and with the blessings of my friends, I began putting my new “babies” to work – aka finding them the perfect outfit.

Those shorts ended up having a pretty great summer. They attended Sasquatch Music Festival, were my favourite beach companion, endured some pretty crazy nights, and even made it onto Harper Bazaar’s street style blog. Not bad for a bright pair of $25 shorts.

So what is the point of this story? There isn’t one. I just really, really enjoy writing about my life. Ah kidding, sort of.

No actually, I was wanted to emphasis my point that taking a risk with fashion is sometimes a great and fun way to update your look. And in correlation with my story, adding something bright is a great way to modernize your style this coming summer season.

The following pictures are some of my favourite bright pieces that I shot during Spring 2011 Press Days here in London. I also tried to give a variety so that you could see the many different ways of brighten up your style.

Ps: This season ‘bright’ and ‘neon’ are synonymous.

Start your drooling ladies!




Pauric Sweeney

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane

Charles Anastase


Moschino Cheap and Chic

CH Carolina Herrera

Roksanda Ilicic



Jonathan Saunders


I was lucky enough to attend House of Worth’s Press Day here in London. I took pictures and wrote an article on it for hannahyakobi.com. Click this link to read it!

I hope you like it!

Oh Jewelry! How some women just love it and how Rachel Zoe swears that it adds that personal touch to any outfit. I, to be honest, could take it or leave it, or so I thought before I attended Press Days.

Jewelry wasn’t something that my grandparents or parents bought my sisters and me. Instead we enjoyed a couple of summers in Europe and skiing trips in the winter. Something I am most grateful for. However, I was never exposed to the beauty of jewelry, other than my grandmothers’ rings, and my dad, being the romantic that he is, always bought my mother plants or pots.

When I was young, I knew what kind of clothing I liked but I never had a calling to possess jewelry. My mother, to her dismay, had to start taking me shopping when I was three because I refused to wear what she bought me. For the record, she also made matching dresses for my sisters and me. See why I started making those decisions so young?

I was also the ultimate tomboy, wearing jeans and T-shirts, despising anything pink, refusing to brush my hair, and gardening topless with my father when I was four. Four was a pretty big boy-year for me. My mother, after giving up on the idea that I would brush my hair, gave me a bowl-cut instead. (Thanks mom.) I, being the witty-brat that I was, got her back and told everyone I was a boy. True story.

So maybe, without much family influence and acting like a boy until I was twelve, I never had a chance to find out what my taste was in jewelry.

Now after attending over 30 Press Days, and seeing all the really fun, colourful, and gorgeous pieces, I have been converted. I want jewelry and I want it now. I want that retail therapy experience when you find something and it calls out your name. “Caroline buy me, or forever will your wardrobe not be the sameeee.” (Ghost voice.) That happens to everyone too, right?

So by now, (switching topics to something other than myself) most people within the fashion industry know that bangles are a huge trend for Spring 2011. Lets also not mistake bangles for bangle. The key here is to stack three to four each wrist, and different thickness and colour patterns is a good idea. Victoria Secret also just publicized this trend in their 2010 fashion show. Most models were sporting four to five colourful plastic bangles on each arm.

At Press Week, most designers either designed colourful plastic bangles, or silver and gold cuffs and sometimes both. Hence, my predilection for spring that wrists and forearms will be a major focal point.

I was just going to feature bangles here, but I found so many other amazing pieces that I just needed to share. The skull necklace, a-freaking-mazing.


Sonia Rykiel

Prabal Gurung for Atelier Swarovski

Asger Juel Larsen


Moschino Cheap and Chic

Bex Rox



Dominic Jones

Asger Juel Larsen. I know this picture is terrible but I LOVE the skeleton cuff!

Louis Vuitton

Hi everyone,

Click on this link to view my new article for my column on Hannah Yakobi’s online magazine. I went to an Hermès Pop up store launch party! It was awesome!!

I have always been one of those people. Someone who becomes infatuated with something, but once it becomes main stream, I brush it off like an unwanted piece of dirt on a pair of new Christian Louboutin’s. I no longer praise the label, or even sometimes, I’ll stop wearing it. I become irritated with people, who in the beginning didn’t understand the feelings of admiration the fashion innovators felt, but once the masses and opinion leaders become adoring fans, they wear it with pride. Ahhhh. These people drives me nuts!

Putting my judgmental opinions aside, I am sure that I exhibit traits that other people find annoying, perhaps a characteristic trait from my youngest child syndrome. Yes, I have many, please ask my sisters. I am sure they will be more than happy to explain how I am more spoiled, I enjoy being taken care of, I am demanding…blah blah blah. However, besides my inferior sibling traits, I like exclusivity. I like originality. I like things that are unique; one of a kind.

Once a secret of the fashion elite and once my all time favourite cobbler, Christian Louboutin has now become a household name. All fashion trendsetters shudder....

Every star and reality star are now wearing Louboutins, from Sarah Jessica Parker to Kim Kardashian. AND ridiculously enough, apparently over five thousand women own over five hundred pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes. Talk about roaring sales and the opposite of exclusivity and originality!

I was a devoted fan, always admiring and praising his name like he was my God. However once I learned that the entire cast of The Hills owned a pair, I walked straight off the Christian Louboutin bus. I don’t want to be anything like those people with their fake jobs/boobs/face/ass/nose/chin, and their life of pity drama. I can’t stress this enough, they are not the best people to wear your brand, except Lo. Man, I loved her, so honest, and straight to the point. Best part of the series, hands down! Yes, I watched the show. Still doesn’t mean I commend their life style or think they are great role models. Just means, I have really really bad taste in TV.

Now, this gets me to my question of late. As a designer, does it matter who wears your label or is the only thing that matters is how many magazines the picture turns up in?

Designers and celebrities have become two peas in a pod in recent years. They cling together for life support, both living off the same inhaler. It’s a business strategy that both need, to be able to survive in their competitive businesses. It’s not a new method, considering its been happening since stars began gracing the hearts of a wider audience. In the 1910s and 1920s Salvatore Ferragamo was the shoe designer to the stars.

This bondage between celebrities and designers became heightened when Anna Wintour began placing celebrities on the cover of Vogue. Soon of course, all fashion magazines followed, and with that, our obsession with celebrities grew and so did the fashion industry’s greed to make money off them.

These days, it’s imperative for celebrities to dress the part. They are constantly followed by paparazzi who fuel the dreadful celebrity gossip industry. For designers, the importance lies within the circulation of the photo and how visible their product is. Some designers are just as happy if their design graces a cover of Vogue as they are if it appears in a page of US weekly. Barf.

Even though the fashion industry has tried to become more commercially accepted, by using celebrities as their main tool, have they started sacrificing their artistic integrity in return? With the constant need to have a celebrity wearing a designer’s product, does the designer lower their standards? Don’t even get me started on the pairing of Givenchy and Ciara.

These days, with every body’s different deities and ideologies, someone is bound to buy a product worn by a celebrity who has an unfavorable imagine within the media. For a devoted fan, it doesn’t matter what the media thinks.

So maybe at the end of it all, a celebrity for fashion, is a means to an end. Any celebrity under close-full watch of the public eye will do. The only respect the label will lose, is those that care about the industry instead of those who care solely about the meaning behind the label.

Anyways lets be honest, even though some owners of his shoes are not to my liking, you can’t deny his genius as a cobbler. Here are my pictures from Press Day for Christian Louboutin’s Spring 2011. For this season, he also collaborated with six other designers: The Blonds, Mary Katrantzou, Jonathan Saunders, Mark fast, David Delfin, and Richard Nicoll.


Christian Louboutin for Jonathan Saunders


Christian Louboutin for Mary Katrantzou


Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you know that I will also be writing a weekly column for the online magazine, HannahYakobi.com, based out of Toronto. My column will be similar to my blog, however, different topics will be discussed on both.

If you want to check out my weekly column, click here. My first one was put up on Wednesday!

I thought I would post my first column for Hannah Yakobi’s online magazine.

Chanel – a label synonymous with luxury, a look that only the most sybaritic of people wear and even the most pretentious of women try to afford. Owning Chanel is like possessing a little piece of that envious dream. That, I never needed to work a day in my life, I’m flying to Miami this weekend, meet me in Japan on Tuesday, kind of jet-setting lifestyle.

In the 80s, Chanel was mostly associated with women born into royalty or old money, and the many wealthy women of New York. As quoted by Anna Wintour in 1988, Chanel was simply “fashion without screaming fashion.”

When Karl Lagerfeld took over Chanel’s ready-to-wear line in 1984, he decided to make it “Return to the Classic,” an idea he has been playing with ever since. Twenty six years and a thousand different tweed suits later, the house has come far, but not because of its originality with silhouettes or fabrics, but because of its branding.

Yes, Karl Lagerfeld made the clog shoe popular, I will give him that… Because they go with everything I wear. However, the faux fur look wasn’t his clever idea unlike, for example, Stella McCartney and her Fall 2007 Collection, where the designer took dense rings of hand-tufted yarn and turned them into the look and feel of fur. I like to think that Karl Lagerfeld did his entire show in faux fur, not for fashion, but to ironically throw it in the face of PETA. Did it make faux fur popular? Yes. Did it make real fur even more popular? Of course. A plan that, I imagine, was devised with the help of Anna Wintour, considering her friendship with Karl and her love for fur…

His groundbreaking ideas don’t seem to be associated with the fabrication of his garments anymore, but with his use of publicity. With each fashion show, the front row becomes increasingly invaded with celebrities, and not just the run-of-the-mill celebrities, but the hottest IT people. In the last couple of years, Blake Lively, Emma Watson, Rihanna, Alexa Chung, Jessica Alba (this one perplexed me as well), Leighton Meester, Keira Knightley and even Prince have all been seen in the front row of Chanel’s fashion shows. Karl is creating quite the entourage, isn’t he?

In recent years, his extravagant shows and choice of locations (some guest lists reaching close to a thousand people) have become the point of spotlight for the media. His face has been silk-screened across T-shirts, and the house introduced four Chanel Ambassadors to the world. Their job? To promote Karl’s “new ideas,” such as the line of temporary tattoos. They also attend each show and can borrow any clothes straight from the runway. I can’t even imagine how many people are jealous of that position…

With all this media attention for the house, I am sure that Karl’s mind has been crossed with the idea that he too would become quite the celebrity. Perhaps, that is a dream from his days of being overweight, when he tried so hard to fit into the Hedi Slimane suits and also fit in with the super skinny celebrity fashion scene?

With Karl exploiting celebrities to the house’s advantage and having a constant need to upstage his own publicity stunts, is Chanel becoming fashion’s own Lindsay Lohah…minus the no talent part? Will the brand lose all its luster and exclusive feel with the general public, just like Louis Vuitton lost with its logo bags? And, most importantly, is Karl Lagerfeld becoming a parody of himself?

These are pictures I took at Chanel’s Press day here in London.

I am on a fashion high. It’s a similar feeling to the first instant that you know you are in love yet never thinking twice that this feeling is not reciprocated by another human being. Suddenly, your loneliness is overtaken by a need for personal independence and your sadness is replaced with an energized powerful feeling, knowing that the impossible has become possible. Your doubts are replaced with hope. Your eagerness to bathe in these feelings and tightly hold onto them becomes imperative. Your eyes become filled with so much beauty that only standing on the highest peak looking out into the sky, while witnessing the most beautiful pinkish-orange sunset over the deep blue sea, can overpower this beauty. Time speeds up and your mentality opens doors to a new reality. A new vision for life. A life like the woman that Lee McQueen visioned.

The power these clothes inhabit are only emotionally felt in their surroundings. The innovative ways in which the clothes are created are for more than just to wear. They morph you into the woman you have always desired to be. They breathe strength into your tattered weak limbs and replace your cynical perspective with internal personal strength. They are art. They are power. They are McQueen.

There aren’t many times in fashion where you feel clothes. When they make you believe that anything is possible because of their existence. It’s because of the intricate details and the imaginative way in which they are created that instills these powerful emotions. There isn’t anything like the design team at Alexander McQueen. For Sarah Burton’s first major collection, she took everything that made McQueen but turned his dark strength into romantic positivism.

Enjoy the pictures from Press Day for their Spring 2011 and Pre-Spring 2011 collections. Just remember, the clothes never ever look as good on film as they do in real life…unfortunately.

I also just want to say, thank you to Stylist Niki Brodie. Without her, I could not have attended any of the events I went to at Press Week. Thank you Niki!

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Spring 2011


Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Spring 2011

This vest is made solely from horse hair.

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Pre-Spring 2011

Runway pictures from fashiongonerogue.com