I have an obsession.

I used to like to think of it as a passion, even a hobby, but I finally crossed the line. Now how do you know when you have crossed a line?

You just know.  Trust me.

I live, think, breathe and dream fashion and whenever possible throw it into conversation because I just need to speak about it (even when I’m talking to people who don’t know who Karl Lagerfeld is – and I promise you those people do exist). I know… it’s hard to imagine. But again, trust me, I am surrounded by them. I can’t believe these people can live without the knowledge of Karl, John, and Riccardo. That’s right, in my mind we are on first name basis.  Now after everything I just told you plus having several dreams where I am friends with these amazing designers, or where I have acquired (always out of nowhere) a Christian Lacroix Couture gown from his Fall 2009 show, you would think that I’d know I was a little obsessed… at the very least.  But no, people, I have learnt from my teacher that I have a very big obsession. You see, for every class project where we get to choose our own theme, I go through my mental list and pick which fashion topic best suits the project. I have done a project on the Gucci Group, an informational speech on Haute Couture, and a power point presentation on Riccardo Tisci, (in my ideal world, he wouldn’t be able to create without me) and the list goes on. So this time around, we were doing a presentation sales pitch and I was like “Yes! Yes! Yes! I have several obsessions (I didn’t realize the extent of the meaning of this word quite yet) du jour!”

I became overly excited that I was able to continue my obsessing for a good cause, my school project, and I started mulling over my current favs.  The neon Celine classic bag from resort 2011, Givenchy’s black wedges of Spring 2010, Proenza Schouler’s PS1 bags and the Dsquared vertebrate shoes. However, when I pitched these ideas to my teacher she was not at all impressed. And by unimpressed I mean, she reminded me that I was “selling to a bunch of students who wouldn’t think these products were very practical.” Oh yes my friends, she went there. Inside I was screaming “ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?!?!?!!??!!?” But instead of raging on my teacher, I took the cool, calm, and collected road…

“Well Mrs. Whatever, the Celine bag however expensive it may be, will be a collectors item and is very practical. Everyone needs a stunning small day bag!  This one just happens to be TIMELESS and the designer (Phoebe Philo) happened to turn the house from BLAH to an UBER fashion-forward house of amazing-ness. You can obviously imagine the extent to which I went to defend the Givenchy Wedges:

ITS GIVENCHY!!! How can that be a waste of money?! It’s an investment god damn it! Riccardo Tisci helped the couture house build its clientele from 2 to 26. TWENTY-SIX! That’s a MIND-FUCK!!!”

As I was getting all huffy inside, cursing where I live, how no one understands or appreciates fashion, and how my teacher was an idiot for not understanding why everyone should invest in something Celine NOW. I suddenly felt like I was having an argument with my father on why he should buy me Chanel pearls. Then I realized like I do every time with my father that this conversation was the biggest waste of time ever.  I sucked it up and established I’d either need to leave Vancouver or invest in therapy ASAP, (which would really just take money away from my clothing budget) so I shut up and I’m now doing my project on M0851 bags, which are practical school bags…for $450.

Enjoy the pictures.


Neon Classic Celine

Givenchy Spring 2010

Proenza Schouler PS1


Dsquared Vertebrate Shoes