At the age of ninety, my grandma has little winkles on her face and crisp blue eyes. Her beauty has always left me in awe, and has given me a glimmer of hope that when I am at her age, I may be as beautiful as she is…hopefully.

On my recent trip to my grandma’s house, my dad informed me that I was able to look through my grandma’s old clothing and have whatever I liked. This was the best thing I’m pretty sure my dad has very said to me. Her fashion sense has always been dead on. And who wouldn’t be excited? Looking through vintage clothing is my ultimate favourite pastime.

A couple years ago, she caught me off guard with a comment that differs completely from her usual personality and reaffirmed her love of fashion for me. She told me that whenever she bought something new and my grandpa asked if it was new, she would always say “ this old thing, for heaven sakes no.” You see, my grandma is a very frugal lady, who won’t call long distance until after six, and who always buys her groceries with coupons. For her, clothing was her one vice, her one exception. She told me at a young age that quality was what was important, not price. I have followed that advice ever since.

These pictures are of my grandma when she was around my age twenty-two, and the new pieces I have acquired from my grandma’s closet.


1940, age 21. Winnipeg Canada.

I love her androgyne feel here. Year: 1942

Around the time she met my Grandpa. 1942

Gorgeous Hawaiian made dress

Grandma's dress

Masculine inspired tux blazer

Masculine inspired cream tux blazer


Oh so Jackie O. Love love love this suede trench coat from my Grandma's closet