Like 99.9 % of women, shoes are my ultimate accessory obsession. I am of course exempting those “women” who prefer bags to shoes. Who are those women anyways??!? Bahaha. Kidding Jenny…kidding.

Any who. While I was planning places to go in London, I found out that there would be an exhibition on Vivienne Westwood’s shoes.

My best discovery to date, ps.

The exhibit displayed just fewer than 200 shoes of her career, 1973-2010. It ranged from the It-Shoe of the editors, which was remade time and time again between 1980-1999 (the pirate boots), to the famous shoes that Naomi Campbell fell in on the runway, to a shoe called Sex that had a stuffed penis on the front and balls on the back. It was actually quite funny. My mother, however, was not amused, “who would ever wear that grotesque thing.” Sorry Vivienne, don’t hate my mother.

So today, being my third day in London, I took my mother to Selfridges Ultralounge. As we arrived, I took out my camera, sneakily and rebelliously of course, AND it broke. A sad, sad death and at a moment of documenting history!

So I did what any normal human being would do. I pulled out my iphone, thanked it for saving my life… again, and began my journey of documenting the most beautiful and humorously artsy shoes of our lifetime. But, as I have stated earlier, I felt like I was at a museum and wasn’t allowed to take any pictures. So I used my mother, to her delight…not, as a hiding block.  As I was nearing the end, and positioning my mother in the absolute right spot, (I was getting quite good at blocking the sales staff eyes from my iphone) a French women came up beside me, took many pictures with her expensive non-digital camera, looked at me like an idiot for not realizing that we were allowed to take pictures and judged my “camera” accordingly.

Anyway, here are my iphone pictures (no judgment) of my favourite shoes from her beautiful archive.