Well, it is the end of Day 2 and I am exhausted! So much running around, standing around, running around, then standing again. Always, always, trying to get that one great shot…so I have learned.

As a Canadian girl from Vancouver, I have always read and looked at the people and clothing from a distance…well really just from a computer screen. But being in Milan, seeing it ALL in person, has made a small dream of mine come true.

Stalking fashion week, as I have decided it call it, because that is essentially what I am doing… has been amazing. The shows, the people and mostly the clothing. Oh God, the clothing is so inspiring.

The first hour of my first day at my first show ever, Gucci, I saw Anna Dello Russo. (Editor At Large at Vogue Nippon). My jaw-dropped, I began shaking and could not for the life of me get my stupid grin off my face. After composing myself, I walked over to her, (and the ten other photographers who were taking her picture), and began my adventure of personally documenting Milan Fashion Week.

I have learned that these encounters with editors, fashion icons and models, is NOT a rarity here. I have already seen Anna Dello Russo four different times. I’m only on Day 2 people…Day 2. Wow.

What I am feeling, or my state of mind at this moment, is what I would call the honeymoon phase. While other photographers/bloggers show no emotions remotely close to awe, there I am standing with a huge grin on my face and a look of disbelief, and amazement. When Anna Wintour walked by me after the Alberta Ferretti show, I nearly walked right into a post in front of me. My eyes were transfixed on her, and after she passed, I looked at my new friend Jason in excitement and delight. He of course was not fazed, saying “Caroline you have two weeks left of this, you will probably get bored of seeing her by the end.” I’m thinking, are you kidding me? Anna Wintour just walked by me, like five feet away, I could have touched her hair! This is the best moment of my life!

Since then, I have had countless fashion orgasms, (as I like to call them), over outfits, dresses and shoes. Oh the shoes! All the best shoes from Fall 2010 are on display, being worn by the many many well-dressed editors and models.

I have also gotten to meet some of the bloggers whose blog I read on a daily basis, like Tommy Ton, Hanneli Mustaparta, Tamu McPherson from All the Pretty Birds and Craig from Models off Duty.

Day 1: I went and stalked Gucci, Alberta Ferretti and a new label called No.21

Day 2: D&G, Krizia and Prada

I hope you enjoy my pictures! I am not a photographer or anything, and I have learned that it is very very difficult to get a good shot!

PS- Please forgive me, I don’t know most editors/stylists names, so I won’t be able to label all the pictures.  I have some homework to do!

The craziness of getting a picture of Anna Dello Russo. Ps- Apparently I am not the only blogger in awe of her.

Outside of No.21

Ursula Geisselmann Fashion Editor at Wallpaper Magazine. I.love.those.Fendi.shoes.

Charlotte Olympia

Giovanna Battaglia Vogue Italia, Fashion Editor

Shu Pei Qin after Alberta Ferreti

Katie Mossman: Stylist. That Balenciaga dress! I love it! My picture does not do it justice.

The back of Anna Dello Russo, before the Gucci show.

Hanneli Mustaparta

Jason and Tommy Ton