I woke up late on Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week. Got ready faster then I think I have ever gotten ready, and caught a cab over to via Piranesi. Where the Etro show was taking place.

I was late yes, but the show started even later. As I began to walk around looking for photo opportunities and my fellow bloggers, an older Italian gentleman began speaking to me, (in of course, Italian). As I waved him off and replied, “I don’t speak Italian,” he asked me in English, if I was attending the show. Embarrassed, I told him no. Well, I guess he was the right person to talk to, because he gave me an invitation and told me we better get inside the show is about to start.

As I walked into the venue, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Etro is one of my favourite Italian labels, and now I was getting to see it live! I was freaking out inside, and wishing I could jump around in delight. However, I kept my composure knowing that the Italians would just look at me in disgust.

I was so excited and happy, that I completely forgot to take pictures inside the venue. However, I do have my invitation…with another person’s name written inside.

After Etro, the old gentleman who’s name I learned was Sergio. So Italian, right? Asked me if I would join him for some lunch. So I did. Thinking it would be very rude of me if I turned down the man who gave me my golden ticket!

So I hopped on his Vespa, (first time ever), and off we went to a cute little Italian restaurant that only locals know about.

After we ate, he dropped me off at the Gianfranco Ferrè show. As I turned on my camera, it ran out of battery. It was sad moment. I needed to decide whether or not to leave or stay for the fun. So just as I made up my mind to leave, Scott from the Sartorialist came up to me and asked me if he could photograph me. He liked my blouse! I told him I was honored!

This was the best day of Fashion Week for me so far. I got into the Etro show and Scott took my picture! It was all very surreal. One moment I am at home on the computer looking at fashion pictures. The next moment, I’m in Milan and seeing everything in real life.

The beginning of Day 4 poured and poured. So I decided to have a little sleep in. Do not judge me! It’s hard to get the shots you want when it is raining!!

Around 1pm, I left my hostel and headed over to the Blumarine show.  I took some snaps, then ended over to the Jil Sander show, where I saw my friend Jason. We decided that since we both had never been to Milan, that we would do AT LEAST one tourist thing.

Ok… you got us. The Jil Sander show was right besides the castle. And the lighting on the castle was beautiful. Unlike the Jil Sander show, where it was dark and the top of photos were looking over exposed. It was very uninspiring, to say the least. And coming from a non-photographer, that’s bad. One thing I was learned about photography, it is all about the lighting.

I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Etro Invitation!

Vivianna Volpicella and Tamu, before the Etro show.

Before Blumarine

Before Blumarine

Before Blumarine, Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire Uk. That coat is from H&M!

Love her jacket!!!!

Before Jil Sander

Model leaving Jil Sander

Vivianna Volpicella and Aurora Sansone both from Vogue Nippon

Back of Aurora Sansone's dress

Theres Alexandersson leaving the Jil Sander Show

Some photographers take girls away from the chaos