As I write about my last two days at Milan Fashion Week, I can’t help but want to write about what I have learned from and about MFW. I came to Milan Fashion Week without any idea what I was getting into. I essentially got on a plane, booked a hostel and found a schedule of the shows.  I came here to find out what it was like, and take as many pictures as possible to document my journey.

So, from a newbie fashion show street style observer and photo taker’s perspective, this is what I have learned about the different interactions of the industry during fashion week.

AND, in the name of Anna Dello Russo, (because I see her at every show I go to), I decided to do it in a Top 10 list form. Because you know… she likes those…If you do not get my joke, then please visit her blog for proof…if you must.

10. Anna Wintour’s bodyguards WILL run into your camera. Do not bother taking photos of her. She hates it! Leave the photo taking for Anna Dello Russo. Who on the other hand, loves it.

9. Street style photographers can work up to 17 hours a day during fashion week. They can be shooting up to all interactive areas for a magazine; front row, back stage, and street style. Their job can be very demanding and stressful. When they tell you to get out of the shot, GET OUT OF THE SHOT…unless you know, you are actually working for someone…unlike me. Then fight for your right!!

8.  Editors will pose for you unless they are in a rush or on the phone.

7. Know editors and models names. They will more likely look into your camera.

6. DO NOT get in any other photographer/blogger’s way. They will not be happy. You will find it hard to make friends with them, or have them respect your space! They are at every show, and will be shooting a lot of the same people as you. Respect and friendliness is important!

5. Lighting and weather is EVERYTHING!! If it is raining, and there is no cover, people will NOT want to pose for a shot! Just let them pass, and you will most likely, (unless they are a celebrity), get them at the next show. Then it will be sunny (hopefully) and they won’t hate you for making them stand in the rain!

4. You will at ALL times be surrounded by Asian photographers. They go crazy over most well dressed people and ask every editor/model what their name is and what brand EVERY piece of clothing or accessory is. It might seem annoying at first, (because they get in your shots), but the information comes in handy. Listen closely. Most editors do not like to repeat!

3. Be prepared to run around like crazy and get aggressive. If you must-get-that-shot-or-your-life-is-over, GET IN THERE! But don’t be rude about it!

2. Fashion insiders and bloggers who attend fashion shows make up a small community! Get to know everyone you can. You never know who you might be talking too!

1. Location, Location, Location. Some shows have way better locations, which ups your chances of better photographs. Do not miss these shows!

0. Ok I know I’m not supposed to do a zero, but this one is the most important. Have as much fun as possible and OBSERVE! You never know who could be walking beside, or behind you. As for me, it was Jada Pinkett Smith at Salvatore Ferragamo. If I was faster, I could have gotten a picture of her.

I hope you enjoy my last pictures of Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011!

These girls were outside every show in Milan. They always had such individual looks!

Aurora Sansone and Anna Dello Russo. Both from Vogue Nippon

Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire UK, outside Missoni

Balmain shoes outside Missoni

Outside Missoni

Vivianna Volpicella, outside Missoni

Fendi Shoes! Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Fiammetta Cicogna, actress and model. Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on Christine Centenera Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia. She has the best shoe collection!

Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Outside Giorgio Armani


Giovanna Battaglia Vogue Italia, outside Giorgio Armani.

Outside Giorgio Armani