My first day of Paris fashion week started off with no fashion. I woke up and met my mother and our long time family friends at Gare du Nord. After a great visit, I asked them if they wanted to join me outside Dries Van Noten. That show is pretty close to being Fashion Mecca. Besides…you know, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Balmain and Givenchy.  So I thought they would enjoy the experience. Ok Let’s be honest— It’s Paris Fashion Week! Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing fashion in all its glory? Being worn by the most stylish people in the world! If these people do exist, I do not want to know them! Ha kidding…kidding…sort of…

As I expected, all the big time editors and stylists were there. Even my all time favourite stylist, Catherine Baba. It was my first sighting of her. Ever. But… I won’t bore you with all my lame facial expressions and star struck emotional feelings.  Even though I had many… ok…you twisted my arm. I’ll just tell you one creeper/stalker thought. It was a vision of me getting her autograph, framing it and putting it on my wall. So I could look at it everyday and wish that…oh god this is starting to sound bad.

Anyways, after the show she rode away on her bike wearing her signature designer, Yves Saint Laurent. You can’t get more Parisian then that!

Before Dries, Anna Dello Russo walked right by us. I told my mother and family friends that that was the ultimate sighting and they might as well leave, haha.  Anna Dello Russo is the biggest fashion “celebrity” of them all. She rules the street style catwalk and even admits to not owning any daytime wear. So you can imagine what her outfits are always like.

After Dries, I along with my fellow bloggers went to Rochas. The chaos had died down, but I got my first picture of Belarusian model, Anabela Belikova.

On Day 2, the best show was Balmain. It became sunny and warm, and after the show a rarity accord. Abby Lee Kershaw, Freja Beha Erichsen and Daria Werbowy all posed together. Now, I did not get this shot…well a terrible one. When they came out of the show, it converted from pleasant photo taking to massive chaos!  I swear, out of nowhere all these paparazzi popped up! These paparazzi are mean and very aggressive. Even going as far as pushing a female blogger out of the way so she couldn’t get the shot!

I did get a shot of Daria talking with her manager after the “windstorm dust ball” ended though.

After the models fled the seen, and never wanting to be upstaged, Anna Dello Russo appeared. When she came out, all us bloggers cheered, (we love her, she is wonderful), and put on a mini photo shoot for us. The weather was beautiful and she looked amazing in front of the brown wood and glass background wearing of course, Balmain.

At the final show of my day, Rick Owens, I finally get a shot of Catherine Baba. It was what I have been waiting for all fashion week. I felt like I could go home and be happy with everything that happened. But fashion isn’t like that. You can’t rest because if you do and if I did, I would have missed my shot of Frida Gustavsson.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I am very sorry I didn’t get that shot of Abbey Lee, Daria, and Freja.

Taylor Tomasi Hill Style and Accessories Director from Marie Claire US. At Dires Van Noten

Dries Van Noten sunglasses at the show

Christina R, model

Christina R, model

Anabela Belikova, after Rochas

At Ann Demeulemeester. Love the colour combo

Azzedine Alaia shoes on Christine Centenera from Harpers Australia. At Ann Demeulemeester

Hamish Bowles at Balmain

Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire UK. At Balmain

Daria Werbowy and her manager at Balmain

Natalia Alaverdian Fashion Editor Harpers Bazaar Russia. At Balmain

Anna Dello Russo at Balmain

Designer, Vika Gazinskaya. At Rick Owens

Stylist, Catherine Baba

Frida Gustavsson at Rick Owens