Fashion Week becomes a routine. It becomes repetitive. It’s tiring and soon after all the fantasy and early excitement leaves, you are left becoming an observer of it all. For me, I first started examining the shoes. Shoes are my inspiration.

As I began to see most editors on a daily basis, I became creatively stimulated by documenting them. They’re always changing up their outfits, never wearing the same thing twice, and expanding the boundaries of fashion. Because of them, many fashion don’ts no longer apply.

Shoes, however, are worn more times than once. Many editors will repeat their of-the-season shoes with their various fashion personas. Some editors even think alike and bring the same style of shoe to trample through the trenches of Fashion Month. And when I say “think alike,” I mean, TREND ALERT!

By the end of Milan and Paris Fashion Week, it was clear which shoes were the “it” shoes of Fall 2010. The Valentino strappy studded pointed toe shoe from Fall 2010, Burberry’s ankle boot lined with shearing from Fall 2010, any version of the Fendi boot/shoe with the ribbed toe cap from Fall 2010, (love, love, love these shoes), and every single adaptation of a leopard print shoe/bootie. Notably, the most popular cobblers of this trend where Giuseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin, and Alexander Wang.

Another huge trend for shoes, was the label Charlotte Olympia, by London based cobbler Charlotte Dellal. She has branded her shoes by designing a spider-web which is placed under the arch of each shoe. Almost every Fashion Editor/Stylist wore a pair of her shoes at Paris Fashion Week.

The most beautifully constructed shoes, in my opinion, are those of Azzedine Alaia. The fashion elite do not wear his creations often; to see a pair walking by you is like viewing a Siberian tiger in its natural habit. I realize, that my metaphor probably made you think less of me. Comparing shoes to animals that are nearly extinct might seem quite ridiculous, but since, I have now lost all my credibility by those who judged me…I will shamelessly quote Clueless. “But it’s an ALAIA,” cried Cher, to the robber when he told her, (obviously oblivious to any fashion what so ever), to get down on the ground. She of course was wearing an Alaia dress. To all those non-fashion lovers, Cher might have seemed like a pretentious, spoiled brat, but we fashion lovers know better. Alaia is a rarity. He is the Siberian tiger of the fashion industry and even though, I have no idea how a Siberian tiger has impacted the animal kingdom. I do know how Azzedine Alaia has become our “Siberian tiger.” His work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship before you hit Couture. His impact on fashion started in the early 1980’s when he became known as the“King of Cling.” He also helped launch Naomi Campbell’s career by having her work as his in-house model. One main reason that Azzedine Alaia products are scarily seen, or heard of for that matter, is because he does not show his collections during fashion week. He instead opts for special appointments which are only for his clientele. But to get an Alaia product, you must pay the Siberian tiger price… around two thousand dollars for a belt!

Azzedine Alaia shoes are beautifully handcrafted but all shoes seen at Fashion Week are. It was an honor to view all these meticulously detailed shoes in person over the last couple of weeks. To all you readers who go into high-end stores just to look at the shoes. I feel you. I wish you could have been with me on this journey.

By the way, after making you read almost a thousand words on shoes, I will tell you now, I am not living up to my content. The photos aren’t relative in any way to the shoes I just mentioned, except for an Alaia pair. Sorry. I have misled you. I realize this.  However, if you look through all my Milan and Paris Fashion Week photos. I have pictures of all the shoes I was talking about, except the Valentino ones. To see them go this link.

On October 1st I went to the Tuileries for the Christian Dior show and got a picture of Rachel Bilson. I also went to Maison Martin Magiela and Lanvin.

On October 2nd, I went to Viktor and Rolf and Sonia Rykiel.

Anna Dello Russo outside Christian Dior

Outside Christian Dior

Rachel Bilson outside Christian Dior

Christian Dior shoes outside Christian Dior

on the right, Fashion Editor at Large for LOVE magazine, Francesca Burns

Model Maryna Linchiuk

Outside Viktor and Rolf

How cute is this kid? Sonia Rykiel


Miu Miu shoes

Outside Sonia Rykiel

Socialite Caroline Sieber outside Sonia Rykiel

How cool is this guy? Outside Sonia Rykiel

Frida Gustavsson


Azzedine Alaia

Taylor Tomasi Hill Style and Accessory Marie Claire US

Models leaving Sonia Rykiel