Olivia Palermo, has been seen A LOT lately wearing Charlotte Dellal’s shoes. So I became interested in finding out what kind of friends they actually are. Are they long term friends, both having grown up in that jet-set, socialite lifestyle? Are they new friends who met through the industry? Or are they, bluntly blogging, friends because of benefits?

No, I am not talking about friends with benefits. Not the type where a person is somewhat sexually attracted to the other participant but doesn’t like them enough to be in a relationship with them. Alternatively, sometimes they might just be “going to the store to get some milk,” because all the other stores are closed, not accepting their business or are out of the country. No, I am not talking about that kind of…friend.

I am talking about the kind of friends who have ulterior motives and hidden agendas for their friendship. However, I am quite certain that there is nothing hidden about the facts of this fabricated friendship. This is by no means the usual friendship per se. Where you enjoy having a good chat together over coffee, or fancy going out on Friday nights, so neither one is dancing solo at the bar but together on the stage.

This “friendship” is more like a business partner. Someone to help your business become more, let’s say in this example, internationally known…maybe across the pond?

I’d like to think this friendship began to flourish with a simple written exchange such as the following. “Hey, love your style. I’m sending you a whole bunch of my shoes. Please wear them all through Fashion Month. There better be pictures of you wearing them all over the blogs, in X amount of days. By the way, we are sitting next to each other at Giambattista Valli. See you there in my shoes.” (Ps: If this were really true, I have totally helped them out).

If this is the case, is this type of unscrupulous friendship unhealthy?

Hellsss noooo. Olivia is already heavily photographed at every event she attends and even just walking around New York. Now she could be getting free Charlotte Olympia shoes to boot. Who wouldn’t want freebies from the label Charlotte Olympia, for the simple exchange of unlimited publicity?  If this is their style of friendship, for me, it seems like quite the win-win situation. I also can’t help but wonder why I don’t have I have a friend who can exploit me or visa versa. Haha…. kidding.

So, I began my investigation…you know to get to the bottom of this “crisis.”

It was very easy to find a picture of the two of them together. However, they were always at a fashion event. Valentino’s Chateau Party at the beginning of July, Front Row at Giambattista Valli and Peter Rom at Fashion Week this past season, and they both attended, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Fetes Emilio de la Moreno party, on September 22 2010.

To my delight, through google, I found out that Charlotte Dellal got married over the summer. I felt feverish, just waiting to see a picture of Olivia Palermo in Dellal’s shoes. Maybe one of them dancing and laughing? Maybe another of Charlotte throwing the bouquet and Olivia standing waiting to catch it? Maybe even one, of Olivia and her hot model boyfriend, Johannes Huebl? No, not a single picture of Olivia at Charlotte’s wedding was on the internet. Trust me, I entered every search keywords imaginable. Then it occurred to me, Olivia wasn’t there, or maybe she wasn’t even invited. Lets be honest, if she was there, a picture would have already surfaced on the web. Olivia Palermo isn’t exactly camera shy.

Then this situation became more perplexing. On April 6th 2010, Olivia gave an interview to stylecaster.com, and mentioned Charlotte’s label and even called her…wait for it…her friend. After I read that, I just sat there wondering what kind of gross, disgusting friendship this was. How could one person call them their friend, while the other won’t even invite them to their wedding! As I struggled to comprehend this new information, the voice of Erin from The City’s suddenly penetrated my mind. It reminded me of season 2, The City. How could I have been so mindless by forgetting the knowledge I have of reality TV? Something, I might add, that has never come in handy before. Olivia may say someone is her friend, but the jury’s out on how many actually are. Anyone else remembering that whole Marc Jacob’s situation?

So you be the judge, friends, fake friends, industry friends or friends because of benefits?

Enjoy the pictures!


Olivia and Charlotte at Giambattista Valli, Spring 2011

Charlotte Olympia Drucilla pumps. Picture from coolspotters.com

Charlotte Olympia Alice leopard print booties

Charlotte Olympia 145mm boots. Picture from citizencouture.com

Charlotte Olympia shoes. Picture from Street Style Aesthetic

Charlotte Olympia Paloma pumps

Minerva Laser Cut Charlotte Olympia shoes. Picture from the Sartorialist