Oh Jewelry! How some women just love it and how Rachel Zoe swears that it adds that personal touch to any outfit. I, to be honest, could take it or leave it, or so I thought before I attended Press Days.

Jewelry wasn’t something that my grandparents or parents bought my sisters and me. Instead we enjoyed a couple of summers in Europe and skiing trips in the winter. Something I am most grateful for. However, I was never exposed to the beauty of jewelry, other than my grandmothers’ rings, and my dad, being the romantic that he is, always bought my mother plants or pots.

When I was young, I knew what kind of clothing I liked but I never had a calling to possess jewelry. My mother, to her dismay, had to start taking me shopping when I was three because I refused to wear what she bought me. For the record, she also made matching dresses for my sisters and me. See why I started making those decisions so young?

I was also the ultimate tomboy, wearing jeans and T-shirts, despising anything pink, refusing to brush my hair, and gardening topless with my father when I was four. Four was a pretty big boy-year for me. My mother, after giving up on the idea that I would brush my hair, gave me a bowl-cut instead. (Thanks mom.) I, being the witty-brat that I was, got her back and told everyone I was a boy. True story.

So maybe, without much family influence and acting like a boy until I was twelve, I never had a chance to find out what my taste was in jewelry.

Now after attending over 30 Press Days, and seeing all the really fun, colourful, and gorgeous pieces, I have been converted. I want jewelry and I want it now. I want that retail therapy experience when you find something and it calls out your name. “Caroline buy me, or forever will your wardrobe not be the sameeee.” (Ghost voice.) That happens to everyone too, right?

So by now, (switching topics to something other than myself) most people within the fashion industry know that bangles are a huge trend for Spring 2011. Lets also not mistake bangles for bangle. The key here is to stack three to four each wrist, and different thickness and colour patterns is a good idea. Victoria Secret also just publicized this trend in their 2010 fashion show. Most models were sporting four to five colourful plastic bangles on each arm.

At Press Week, most designers either designed colourful plastic bangles, or silver and gold cuffs and sometimes both. Hence, my predilection for spring that wrists and forearms will be a major focal point.

I was just going to feature bangles here, but I found so many other amazing pieces that I just needed to share. The skull necklace, a-freaking-mazing.


Sonia Rykiel

Prabal Gurung for Atelier Swarovski

Asger Juel Larsen


Moschino Cheap and Chic

Bex Rox



Dominic Jones

Asger Juel Larsen. I know this picture is terrible but I LOVE the skeleton cuff!

Louis Vuitton