That’s right…I am jealous of yarn, you gonna judge me now? Wait till you see its skills, then we can talk.

I love sweaters; long sweaters, short sweaters, soft cashmere sweaters, chunky knit wool sweaters, woven rayon sweaters, boyfriend sweaters, girly sweaters, sweaters that you just wear around the house, vintage sweaters with snakeskin detailing (that you obviously don’t just wear around the house), red sweaters, grey sweaters, Stella McCartney sweaters, Topshop sweaters…Ok you get the point, right?

But, the MOST important quality about a sweater is how it feels next to your skin. The WORST is itching yourself like a five year old in a turtleneck. An important note to add in, a hoodie never EVER equals a sweater…You just never know who might think it does.

Anyways, I love sweaters, and I love sweaters in winter. No better time to wear that stolen ex-boyfriend’s cashmere sweater with skinny-black jeans and ankle boots, then in the wintertime. Man, doesn’t that always ALWAYS feel amazing?

So, here are the sweaters I am lusting after as of today.


Barbara Palvin for Russian Vogue| Rag and Bone sweater

Isabel Marant Spring 2011 Lookbook

Cato van Ee

Dree Hemingway Vogue Uk| Fair Isle sweater

Karia Struss Vogue Spain

All pictures are from


During Paris Fashion Week, I was lucky enough to get my picture taken by Candice Lake, for Glamour UK’s Street Style section.

This picture was taken outside the Ann Demeulmesster show. The funny part about this story, is apparently I didn’t get the memo to wear black. Most of Ann Demeulmesster’s shows are done in all black and white. I should have thought that out better… I was one of the only individuals not wearing ANY black! The weather was interesting too, it became sunny and warm, then cloudy and cold. It was very difficult to dress for!

Here is my picture, but if you would love to look at all the other stylish men and women, here is the link.


Paris Fashion Week

Olivia Palermo, has been seen A LOT lately wearing Charlotte Dellal’s shoes. So I became interested in finding out what kind of friends they actually are. Are they long term friends, both having grown up in that jet-set, socialite lifestyle? Are they new friends who met through the industry? Or are they, bluntly blogging, friends because of benefits?

No, I am not talking about friends with benefits. Not the type where a person is somewhat sexually attracted to the other participant but doesn’t like them enough to be in a relationship with them. Alternatively, sometimes they might just be “going to the store to get some milk,” because all the other stores are closed, not accepting their business or are out of the country. No, I am not talking about that kind of…friend.

I am talking about the kind of friends who have ulterior motives and hidden agendas for their friendship. However, I am quite certain that there is nothing hidden about the facts of this fabricated friendship. This is by no means the usual friendship per se. Where you enjoy having a good chat together over coffee, or fancy going out on Friday nights, so neither one is dancing solo at the bar but together on the stage.

This “friendship” is more like a business partner. Someone to help your business become more, let’s say in this example, internationally known…maybe across the pond?

I’d like to think this friendship began to flourish with a simple written exchange such as the following. “Hey, love your style. I’m sending you a whole bunch of my shoes. Please wear them all through Fashion Month. There better be pictures of you wearing them all over the blogs, in X amount of days. By the way, we are sitting next to each other at Giambattista Valli. See you there in my shoes.” (Ps: If this were really true, I have totally helped them out).

If this is the case, is this type of unscrupulous friendship unhealthy?

Hellsss noooo. Olivia is already heavily photographed at every event she attends and even just walking around New York. Now she could be getting free Charlotte Olympia shoes to boot. Who wouldn’t want freebies from the label Charlotte Olympia, for the simple exchange of unlimited publicity?  If this is their style of friendship, for me, it seems like quite the win-win situation. I also can’t help but wonder why I don’t have I have a friend who can exploit me or visa versa. Haha…. kidding.

So, I began my investigation…you know to get to the bottom of this “crisis.”

It was very easy to find a picture of the two of them together. However, they were always at a fashion event. Valentino’s Chateau Party at the beginning of July, Front Row at Giambattista Valli and Peter Rom at Fashion Week this past season, and they both attended, Julia Restoin-Roitfeld Fetes Emilio de la Moreno party, on September 22 2010.

To my delight, through google, I found out that Charlotte Dellal got married over the summer. I felt feverish, just waiting to see a picture of Olivia Palermo in Dellal’s shoes. Maybe one of them dancing and laughing? Maybe another of Charlotte throwing the bouquet and Olivia standing waiting to catch it? Maybe even one, of Olivia and her hot model boyfriend, Johannes Huebl? No, not a single picture of Olivia at Charlotte’s wedding was on the internet. Trust me, I entered every search keywords imaginable. Then it occurred to me, Olivia wasn’t there, or maybe she wasn’t even invited. Lets be honest, if she was there, a picture would have already surfaced on the web. Olivia Palermo isn’t exactly camera shy.

Then this situation became more perplexing. On April 6th 2010, Olivia gave an interview to, and mentioned Charlotte’s label and even called her…wait for it…her friend. After I read that, I just sat there wondering what kind of gross, disgusting friendship this was. How could one person call them their friend, while the other won’t even invite them to their wedding! As I struggled to comprehend this new information, the voice of Erin from The City’s suddenly penetrated my mind. It reminded me of season 2, The City. How could I have been so mindless by forgetting the knowledge I have of reality TV? Something, I might add, that has never come in handy before. Olivia may say someone is her friend, but the jury’s out on how many actually are. Anyone else remembering that whole Marc Jacob’s situation?

So you be the judge, friends, fake friends, industry friends or friends because of benefits?

Enjoy the pictures!


Olivia and Charlotte at Giambattista Valli, Spring 2011

Charlotte Olympia Drucilla pumps. Picture from

Charlotte Olympia Alice leopard print booties

Charlotte Olympia 145mm boots. Picture from

Charlotte Olympia shoes. Picture from Street Style Aesthetic

Charlotte Olympia Paloma pumps

Minerva Laser Cut Charlotte Olympia shoes. Picture from the Sartorialist

Here are the last of my pictures enjoy! Also, I would like to point out that every single picture that I took during Milan and Paris Fashion Week was taken with my dinky Canon ixus 130.

The chaos outside Chloe at The Tuileries

Anna Dello Russo

Philip Lim shoes

Eva Fontanelli, Elle Italy

Outside the Celine show, carrying a Celine bag.

Chanel shoes, outside Chanel

Freja Beha Erichsen

Chinese actress Chen Ran, outside the Chloe show.

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

On the right, Yasmin Sewell, Creative Advisor.

On the left, Yasmin Sewell, Creative Advisor.

Balmain shoes

Jane Keltner De Valle, Fashion News Director at Teen Vogue

Outside Chanel, Alexander Wang shoes, Chanel jacket. 

Outside Chloe, wearing Chloe shoes

On the right, the Face of Chloe, model Anja Rubik.

I was very fortunate at Milan Fashion Week. Tamu, from  All the Pretty Birds, took a picture of me for Harper’s Bazaar Street Style blog.

I uploaded my copied version, but please check out this link. There are amazing girls on there. I feel very lucky!

Ps: I am number 43.

Harper's Bazaar Milan Street Style

After many years of refusing to join twitter… because why would I, as an individual, join? So I could tweet about my amazing bath I had this morning. Or that I am eating at my favourite breakfast place with a great group of friends…? It all seemed very self-absorbed.

But since, I now have a blog. I thought I could finally give into my inner vanity and tweet my latest posts.

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Fashion Week becomes a routine. It becomes repetitive. It’s tiring and soon after all the fantasy and early excitement leaves, you are left becoming an observer of it all. For me, I first started examining the shoes. Shoes are my inspiration.

As I began to see most editors on a daily basis, I became creatively stimulated by documenting them. They’re always changing up their outfits, never wearing the same thing twice, and expanding the boundaries of fashion. Because of them, many fashion don’ts no longer apply.

Shoes, however, are worn more times than once. Many editors will repeat their of-the-season shoes with their various fashion personas. Some editors even think alike and bring the same style of shoe to trample through the trenches of Fashion Month. And when I say “think alike,” I mean, TREND ALERT!

By the end of Milan and Paris Fashion Week, it was clear which shoes were the “it” shoes of Fall 2010. The Valentino strappy studded pointed toe shoe from Fall 2010, Burberry’s ankle boot lined with shearing from Fall 2010, any version of the Fendi boot/shoe with the ribbed toe cap from Fall 2010, (love, love, love these shoes), and every single adaptation of a leopard print shoe/bootie. Notably, the most popular cobblers of this trend where Giuseppe Zanotti, Christian Louboutin, and Alexander Wang.

Another huge trend for shoes, was the label Charlotte Olympia, by London based cobbler Charlotte Dellal. She has branded her shoes by designing a spider-web which is placed under the arch of each shoe. Almost every Fashion Editor/Stylist wore a pair of her shoes at Paris Fashion Week.

The most beautifully constructed shoes, in my opinion, are those of Azzedine Alaia. The fashion elite do not wear his creations often; to see a pair walking by you is like viewing a Siberian tiger in its natural habit. I realize, that my metaphor probably made you think less of me. Comparing shoes to animals that are nearly extinct might seem quite ridiculous, but since, I have now lost all my credibility by those who judged me…I will shamelessly quote Clueless. “But it’s an ALAIA,” cried Cher, to the robber when he told her, (obviously oblivious to any fashion what so ever), to get down on the ground. She of course was wearing an Alaia dress. To all those non-fashion lovers, Cher might have seemed like a pretentious, spoiled brat, but we fashion lovers know better. Alaia is a rarity. He is the Siberian tiger of the fashion industry and even though, I have no idea how a Siberian tiger has impacted the animal kingdom. I do know how Azzedine Alaia has become our “Siberian tiger.” His work is of the highest quality and craftsmanship before you hit Couture. His impact on fashion started in the early 1980’s when he became known as the“King of Cling.” He also helped launch Naomi Campbell’s career by having her work as his in-house model. One main reason that Azzedine Alaia products are scarily seen, or heard of for that matter, is because he does not show his collections during fashion week. He instead opts for special appointments which are only for his clientele. But to get an Alaia product, you must pay the Siberian tiger price… around two thousand dollars for a belt!

Azzedine Alaia shoes are beautifully handcrafted but all shoes seen at Fashion Week are. It was an honor to view all these meticulously detailed shoes in person over the last couple of weeks. To all you readers who go into high-end stores just to look at the shoes. I feel you. I wish you could have been with me on this journey.

By the way, after making you read almost a thousand words on shoes, I will tell you now, I am not living up to my content. The photos aren’t relative in any way to the shoes I just mentioned, except for an Alaia pair. Sorry. I have misled you. I realize this.  However, if you look through all my Milan and Paris Fashion Week photos. I have pictures of all the shoes I was talking about, except the Valentino ones. To see them go this link.

On October 1st I went to the Tuileries for the Christian Dior show and got a picture of Rachel Bilson. I also went to Maison Martin Magiela and Lanvin.

On October 2nd, I went to Viktor and Rolf and Sonia Rykiel.

Anna Dello Russo outside Christian Dior

Outside Christian Dior

Rachel Bilson outside Christian Dior

Christian Dior shoes outside Christian Dior

on the right, Fashion Editor at Large for LOVE magazine, Francesca Burns

Model Maryna Linchiuk

Outside Viktor and Rolf

How cute is this kid? Sonia Rykiel


Miu Miu shoes

Outside Sonia Rykiel

Socialite Caroline Sieber outside Sonia Rykiel

How cool is this guy? Outside Sonia Rykiel

Frida Gustavsson


Azzedine Alaia

Taylor Tomasi Hill Style and Accessory Marie Claire US

Models leaving Sonia Rykiel

My first day of Paris fashion week started off with no fashion. I woke up and met my mother and our long time family friends at Gare du Nord. After a great visit, I asked them if they wanted to join me outside Dries Van Noten. That show is pretty close to being Fashion Mecca. Besides…you know, Chanel, Dior, Lanvin, Balmain and Givenchy.  So I thought they would enjoy the experience. Ok Let’s be honest— It’s Paris Fashion Week! Who wouldn’t enjoy seeing fashion in all its glory? Being worn by the most stylish people in the world! If these people do exist, I do not want to know them! Ha kidding…kidding…sort of…

As I expected, all the big time editors and stylists were there. Even my all time favourite stylist, Catherine Baba. It was my first sighting of her. Ever. But… I won’t bore you with all my lame facial expressions and star struck emotional feelings.  Even though I had many… ok…you twisted my arm. I’ll just tell you one creeper/stalker thought. It was a vision of me getting her autograph, framing it and putting it on my wall. So I could look at it everyday and wish that…oh god this is starting to sound bad.

Anyways, after the show she rode away on her bike wearing her signature designer, Yves Saint Laurent. You can’t get more Parisian then that!

Before Dries, Anna Dello Russo walked right by us. I told my mother and family friends that that was the ultimate sighting and they might as well leave, haha.  Anna Dello Russo is the biggest fashion “celebrity” of them all. She rules the street style catwalk and even admits to not owning any daytime wear. So you can imagine what her outfits are always like.

After Dries, I along with my fellow bloggers went to Rochas. The chaos had died down, but I got my first picture of Belarusian model, Anabela Belikova.

On Day 2, the best show was Balmain. It became sunny and warm, and after the show a rarity accord. Abby Lee Kershaw, Freja Beha Erichsen and Daria Werbowy all posed together. Now, I did not get this shot…well a terrible one. When they came out of the show, it converted from pleasant photo taking to massive chaos!  I swear, out of nowhere all these paparazzi popped up! These paparazzi are mean and very aggressive. Even going as far as pushing a female blogger out of the way so she couldn’t get the shot!

I did get a shot of Daria talking with her manager after the “windstorm dust ball” ended though.

After the models fled the seen, and never wanting to be upstaged, Anna Dello Russo appeared. When she came out, all us bloggers cheered, (we love her, she is wonderful), and put on a mini photo shoot for us. The weather was beautiful and she looked amazing in front of the brown wood and glass background wearing of course, Balmain.

At the final show of my day, Rick Owens, I finally get a shot of Catherine Baba. It was what I have been waiting for all fashion week. I felt like I could go home and be happy with everything that happened. But fashion isn’t like that. You can’t rest because if you do and if I did, I would have missed my shot of Frida Gustavsson.

I hope you enjoy my pictures and I am very sorry I didn’t get that shot of Abbey Lee, Daria, and Freja.

Taylor Tomasi Hill Style and Accessories Director from Marie Claire US. At Dires Van Noten

Dries Van Noten sunglasses at the show

Christina R, model

Christina R, model

Anabela Belikova, after Rochas

At Ann Demeulemeester. Love the colour combo

Azzedine Alaia shoes on Christine Centenera from Harpers Australia. At Ann Demeulemeester

Hamish Bowles at Balmain

Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire UK. At Balmain

Daria Werbowy and her manager at Balmain

Natalia Alaverdian Fashion Editor Harpers Bazaar Russia. At Balmain

Anna Dello Russo at Balmain

Designer, Vika Gazinskaya. At Rick Owens

Stylist, Catherine Baba

Frida Gustavsson at Rick Owens

As I write about my last two days at Milan Fashion Week, I can’t help but want to write about what I have learned from and about MFW. I came to Milan Fashion Week without any idea what I was getting into. I essentially got on a plane, booked a hostel and found a schedule of the shows.  I came here to find out what it was like, and take as many pictures as possible to document my journey.

So, from a newbie fashion show street style observer and photo taker’s perspective, this is what I have learned about the different interactions of the industry during fashion week.

AND, in the name of Anna Dello Russo, (because I see her at every show I go to), I decided to do it in a Top 10 list form. Because you know… she likes those…If you do not get my joke, then please visit her blog for proof…if you must.

10. Anna Wintour’s bodyguards WILL run into your camera. Do not bother taking photos of her. She hates it! Leave the photo taking for Anna Dello Russo. Who on the other hand, loves it.

9. Street style photographers can work up to 17 hours a day during fashion week. They can be shooting up to all interactive areas for a magazine; front row, back stage, and street style. Their job can be very demanding and stressful. When they tell you to get out of the shot, GET OUT OF THE SHOT…unless you know, you are actually working for someone…unlike me. Then fight for your right!!

8.  Editors will pose for you unless they are in a rush or on the phone.

7. Know editors and models names. They will more likely look into your camera.

6. DO NOT get in any other photographer/blogger’s way. They will not be happy. You will find it hard to make friends with them, or have them respect your space! They are at every show, and will be shooting a lot of the same people as you. Respect and friendliness is important!

5. Lighting and weather is EVERYTHING!! If it is raining, and there is no cover, people will NOT want to pose for a shot! Just let them pass, and you will most likely, (unless they are a celebrity), get them at the next show. Then it will be sunny (hopefully) and they won’t hate you for making them stand in the rain!

4. You will at ALL times be surrounded by Asian photographers. They go crazy over most well dressed people and ask every editor/model what their name is and what brand EVERY piece of clothing or accessory is. It might seem annoying at first, (because they get in your shots), but the information comes in handy. Listen closely. Most editors do not like to repeat!

3. Be prepared to run around like crazy and get aggressive. If you must-get-that-shot-or-your-life-is-over, GET IN THERE! But don’t be rude about it!

2. Fashion insiders and bloggers who attend fashion shows make up a small community! Get to know everyone you can. You never know who you might be talking too!

1. Location, Location, Location. Some shows have way better locations, which ups your chances of better photographs. Do not miss these shows!

0. Ok I know I’m not supposed to do a zero, but this one is the most important. Have as much fun as possible and OBSERVE! You never know who could be walking beside, or behind you. As for me, it was Jada Pinkett Smith at Salvatore Ferragamo. If I was faster, I could have gotten a picture of her.

I hope you enjoy my last pictures of Milan Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2011!

These girls were outside every show in Milan. They always had such individual looks!

Aurora Sansone and Anna Dello Russo. Both from Vogue Nippon

Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire UK, outside Missoni

Balmain shoes outside Missoni

Outside Missoni

Vivianna Volpicella, outside Missoni

Fendi Shoes! Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Fiammetta Cicogna, actress and model. Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Giuseppe Zanotti shoes on Christine Centenera Fashion Editor of Harpers Bazaar Australia. She has the best shoe collection!

Outside Salvatore Ferragamo

Outside Giorgio Armani


Giovanna Battaglia Vogue Italia, outside Giorgio Armani.

Outside Giorgio Armani

I woke up late on Day 3 of Milan Fashion Week. Got ready faster then I think I have ever gotten ready, and caught a cab over to via Piranesi. Where the Etro show was taking place.

I was late yes, but the show started even later. As I began to walk around looking for photo opportunities and my fellow bloggers, an older Italian gentleman began speaking to me, (in of course, Italian). As I waved him off and replied, “I don’t speak Italian,” he asked me in English, if I was attending the show. Embarrassed, I told him no. Well, I guess he was the right person to talk to, because he gave me an invitation and told me we better get inside the show is about to start.

As I walked into the venue, I couldn’t believe this was happening to me. Etro is one of my favourite Italian labels, and now I was getting to see it live! I was freaking out inside, and wishing I could jump around in delight. However, I kept my composure knowing that the Italians would just look at me in disgust.

I was so excited and happy, that I completely forgot to take pictures inside the venue. However, I do have my invitation…with another person’s name written inside.

After Etro, the old gentleman who’s name I learned was Sergio. So Italian, right? Asked me if I would join him for some lunch. So I did. Thinking it would be very rude of me if I turned down the man who gave me my golden ticket!

So I hopped on his Vespa, (first time ever), and off we went to a cute little Italian restaurant that only locals know about.

After we ate, he dropped me off at the Gianfranco Ferrè show. As I turned on my camera, it ran out of battery. It was sad moment. I needed to decide whether or not to leave or stay for the fun. So just as I made up my mind to leave, Scott from the Sartorialist came up to me and asked me if he could photograph me. He liked my blouse! I told him I was honored!

This was the best day of Fashion Week for me so far. I got into the Etro show and Scott took my picture! It was all very surreal. One moment I am at home on the computer looking at fashion pictures. The next moment, I’m in Milan and seeing everything in real life.

The beginning of Day 4 poured and poured. So I decided to have a little sleep in. Do not judge me! It’s hard to get the shots you want when it is raining!!

Around 1pm, I left my hostel and headed over to the Blumarine show.  I took some snaps, then ended over to the Jil Sander show, where I saw my friend Jason. We decided that since we both had never been to Milan, that we would do AT LEAST one tourist thing.

Ok… you got us. The Jil Sander show was right besides the castle. And the lighting on the castle was beautiful. Unlike the Jil Sander show, where it was dark and the top of photos were looking over exposed. It was very uninspiring, to say the least. And coming from a non-photographer, that’s bad. One thing I was learned about photography, it is all about the lighting.

I hope you enjoy my pictures!

Etro Invitation!

Vivianna Volpicella and Tamu, before the Etro show.

Before Blumarine

Before Blumarine

Before Blumarine, Zanna Roberts from Marie Claire Uk. That coat is from H&M!

Love her jacket!!!!

Before Jil Sander

Model leaving Jil Sander

Vivianna Volpicella and Aurora Sansone both from Vogue Nippon

Back of Aurora Sansone's dress

Theres Alexandersson leaving the Jil Sander Show

Some photographers take girls away from the chaos